Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Song You Can Dance To 2 - Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

Wow, I had a great response to the first Song You Can Dance To so I decided since I have some free time to put the next one up today. Song number 2 is another excellent 80's synthy poppy dancey tune. It's by Canadian group Men Without Hats and was a huge hit all over the world in 1982. It's called Safety Dance so if you are going to get up and dance around like a lunatic, just make sure you be responsible and do it safely!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Song You Can Dance To 1 - OMD - Enola Gay

The first song is from 1980 by British synthpop group OMD who have some other really great catchy pop tunes (and a few rubbish ones too!). I think this is the very best they have to offer and instantly makes me want to get up and dance around, pity I don't look as cool as the guy in the video when I do! This group will probably feature quite a bit in these videos along with loads of other 80's sythpop just because it sounds so fucking good!

I'll try update with more songs a couple of times a week and maybe some other random posts in between......Enjoy, I bet you can't stop yourself dancing around to the sound of OMD!